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Friday, December 15, 2006

Menu for Hope III update, or Have I Mentioned that Delfina Rocks?

OK, so guess what? You know my prize (UW17), that gets you dinner with me at Delfina?

Well, them there good folk over at Delfina have just donated the entire meal. So for fuck's sake, keep bidding!


"To eat is a necessity. To eat intelligently is an art."
-- La Rochefoucauld


Blogger David said...

You and I are so having an amazing dinner together at Delfina.

When my bids win, of course...

12/16/2006 1:42 AM  
Blogger Tea said...

Having had the distict pleasure of dinner at Delfina with said Whore--I can attest that it is an experience beyond compare!

Have some rice pudding for me, will ya?

12/19/2006 12:07 AM  

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