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Sunday, April 09, 2006

There Is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch

Or in this case, a free dinner. We were fortunate enough to be wined and dined last night courtesy of Derrick and Melissa. That's right, we got to eat a meal prepared by the folks behind Obsession With Food. I don't know how I got on their short list, but if you find out please tell me so I'll get invited back.

I mean, who makes their own foie gras, honestly? Never mind the incredible duck confit or the bitchin' apricot and hazelnut napoleon with my most favorite of all the custards there are (that would be lemon curd).

So, D & M, thank you. I'll come to your restaurant any time.


"To eat is a necessity. To eat intelligently is an art."
-- La Rochefoucauld


Blogger Derrick said...

High praise from such an experienced eater as yourself.

We were happy to have you. What better way to get to know people than over dinner?

And the foie gras was easy; it's the crab bisque that made me question my sanity.

4/09/2006 10:31 PM  
Blogger Amy Sherman said...

I'm jealous! Derrick, I'm free for dinner anytime you want to cook.

4/10/2006 9:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In hindsight, I mightn't have said, "propriety be damned, I'm using my fingers" with regard to the confit if the wine hadn't been so damn good, and so free-flowing!

4/10/2006 11:03 AM  

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