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Friday, October 28, 2005

Not Dead...But Close

To those of you that have inquired, I am still on the map, and mid-way through a Coco500 post, but that aforementioned baby shower? Yeah, it's tomorrow.

Hara kiri never looked so good.

The man at the deli counter at Whole Foods last night didn't help, when after waiting 750 years for my fucking turn, he gave me the wrong amount of ham for my itty bitty ham and swiss sandwiches. And I did not realize this until leaving the counter. So I then, again, had to wade through the Whole Foods crowd, which, apparently, is comprised of the STUPIDEST PEOPLE ON THE WHOLE DAMN PLANET.

And would someone please tell me why, after years of having them, Costco no longer has mini Aidells sausages? AND NEITHER DOES ANYONE ELSE. AND I NEED THEM BECAUSE MY FRIENDS ARE HAVING A BOY GODDAMNIT AND I WANT TO MAKE A CHILDISH PENIS JOKE WITH MY HORS D'OEUVRES.

Seriously, kids, I'm losing it.


"To eat is a necessity. To eat intelligently is an art."
--La Rochefoucauld


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love childish penis jokes that involve processed meats. What, you couldn't get a can of Vienna sausages at the Safeway?

Just kidding, honey.

: D

10/28/2005 9:39 PM  
Blogger ZaZa said...

Probably shouldn't say anything now that it's too late, but Aidell's is local. You could have given them a call.

Besides, Vienna sausages are funnier and far tackier.

10/29/2005 12:05 AM  
Blogger Joy said...

I, mean, really, do you take me for an idiot?

I did call them. They did not answer. Because I am in the seventh circle of hell.

And I'm just cutting up larger sausages because canned processed meat is not allowed in my house:).

10/29/2005 6:51 AM  
Blogger ZaZa said...

"I, mean, really, do you take me for an idiot?
I did call them. They did not answer."

Sorry. I'm forgetting that I'm among foodies, and you would know that they're local. :G: So, no, I don't take you for an idiot. I'm just used to being the only food freak in the crowd.

10/30/2005 1:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry... I just... have to applaud this post, if I can stop laughing.
So bloody clever. So bloody true. You had me with the Hari Kari...

11/05/2005 8:10 AM  

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