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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Who's the Weenie Now? -- Part 2

Let's continue with food critic Sunday, shall we?

So after rehearsal today, Scott invited me to try out his friend's place, Sea Salt, which was up the street from where we were rehearsing. Now Sea Salt is great, and I'll post on it later (I want to go once more since there is a lot more I want to try before writing about it), but the restaurant itself is not the point of this post.

Now once we were seated, Scott proceeded to out me to everyone he knew, which would have normally pissed me off (and I'm sure Sam is going to want to kill him herself once she reads this), but in this case I didn't mind since *he* already knew everyone and was getting special treatment to begin with. Plus I'm a restaurant whore, not a restaurant critic. And besides, in the long run, who really gives a fuck about me anyway? Yeah, that's what I thought.

So one of the people Scott introduces me to is Jan Newberry, Food Editor for San Francisco Magazine, who happened to be eating there with her family. She is really lovely. And I really wish I had her hair.

Anyway, Scott outs me to Jan, mentioning that I write a column for Mesh, I play it way down as, again, I am but a speck of nothingness on the culinary horizon and she writes about food for a magazine that I do really adore. I mention that I really pissed off her co-worker a little while back, and that I felt like a complete ass about it. And then, wait for it...., she says: "Oh, I know you," and I feel like a total jackass all over again. I'm thinking of changing my name to the Notorious J.O.Y., what do you think? At any rate, after Scott says "your reputation precedes you," we spent the rest of the conversation talking about what a great guy/writer Josh is. 'Cause he is.

Scott says, "Hey, she knew who you were -- any publicity is good publicity." I'm not so sure I agree. Because, really, I love food people, including critics and I'd rather not have them thinking I'm some crazy self important she-wolf. I just really like eating.

Karma is a bitch.


P.S. In a bit of shameless self promotion (but really, when am I ever NOT shameless?), here is the info for the show Scott and I are in. Come see it. It's good. Really.

"To eat is a necessity. To eat intelligently is an art."
--La Rochefoucauld


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