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Friday, April 08, 2005

Coming Soon

It would really be great if I could get my head out of my ass and figure out how to do something other than simple posting. Jon has assured me he'll help me with this. Here's what you can expect in the near future (and by near future, I mean before June):

Cuisine Catergories

Price Categories

Type O' Restaurant (ie, romantic, trashy, etc.)

Location Categories

Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see, m'kay? Sweet.


"To eat is a necessity. To eat intelligently is an art."
-- La Rochefoucauld


Anonymous Anonymous said...

not that you asked but I thought I would toss some ieas your way...

the hot club scene today in bkk is down on RCA (royal city avenue) ...places like the prop bar,slim,flix and route 66 are prolly the place to hang at night and not be surrounded by sex tourists, drunken expats or earnest young hiper then tho "travelers" from the kohasan road scene...the area around Thonglor/Ekamai sois also have a good scene but the groove is on RCA...

the night market on patpong will draw your attention and of course the looksee into the flesh bars...dont get roped into any bar that is upstairs!!! you will wind up with drinks that are 100 dollars and a large man or two that will take it from you...often off duty cops! patpong is owned by the police...all the sex drugs and other things there are all police provided-go figure...speaking of tourist traps...despite the fact that everyone down on koasan scream that they are not tourists..LOl...spending 10 $ aday and staying in hostiles and doing whatever the lonely planet tells you is of course not tourism, ahh youth!! any case there is groovy hippy haight type shopping down there...over around the soi Nana world is some good dining and mayhaps the bedsupper club on soi 11 off sukumvit...which will bring you to all kinds of interesting possibilties for exploring food and drink....I wonder if cabbages and condoms is still on soi 12...and near soi cowboy would be the seafood market...ultra strange and yet somewhat good...street food is good and clean everywhere..late night street food near pratanum market rocks!

hope that helps a little for your time to do the north or you ...but the rest of thailand is easier to get a handle on and not as chaotic as BKK...


4/09/2005 8:38 AM  

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