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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

New Deli (Miller's East Coast West Delicatessen -- San Francisco, CA)

Remember back when I bitched about no good east coast style eats here in SF? Brother man, I have found a ray of hope.

Miller's East Coast West Delicatessen is located on Polk St. It's got an unassuming little store front and when you walk in, you feel like you might have teleported to the corner deli at 86th and Lex in good ol' NYC. It's rad.

Their menu's got all the deli staples: corned beef, pastrami, knishes, rugelach, etc., etc... But the reason I was gettin' my Miller's on was because I had heard they flew in bagels from NYC. Holy shit.

This turned out to be true. They are boiled and partially baked in NYC and then Miller's finishes baking them here. So Jon and I settled in and got ready for our foodgasm.

Jon never shuts up about missing a good corned beef sandwich, so I'll give you three guesses (first two don't count) as to what he ordered. I ordered a bagel, of course, with cream cheese. And some eggs. And some bacon.

Our waiter was fucking awesome. He rocked my world. Just super cool, down to earth and easy like Sunday morning (FYI, it was Sunday morning). Made our dining experience completely un-stressful, which is saying something considering we were foaming at the mouth like rabid puppies at the thought of reclaiming our childhoods.

Our food came and I had to scrape Jon off the floor after he melted with sheer bliss over his corned beef. He ate it all.

And my bagel was everything I hoped for and more. Crispy, chewy and delish. Fuck you, Noahs!

The eggs and bacon were OK, not great. I'd get my protein elsewhere next time. But I'm definitely hitting Miller's again because they rocked my world.

Go get your grub on.


"To eat is a necessity. To eat intelligently is an art"
-- La Rochefoucauld


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