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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Good Night Moon (Luna Park and The Last Supper Club -- San Francisco, CA)

***UPDATE: Last Supper Club is now closed (Praise be to the sweet Baby J) and the far superior Beretta now occupies their former space***

We first went to Luna Park right after it opened. Their signature items such as the goat cheese fondue, tuna poke and the oh-my-GOD-I-love-it-so-much s'mores dessert were always good. The other items, eh, not so much. Additionally, it was always more crowded than a frat house on wet t-shirt night and the staff kind of sucked.

As the years have passed, Luna's cleaned herself up a bit. Now you can pretty much count on all the food being good, a crowd (but not one that has people crawling up your ass) and a significantly improved staff. They are just super now. Great bartenders (shout out to the super cool Fran), great servers and again much better munchies. They've still got the signature stuff (Thank GOD or I'd have to throw down for some s'mores) but the rotating menu is very tasty as well.

We've found lunch to be a great time to go. It's quiet, it's cheap and they have fantastic sandwiches and salads. Brunch ain't too shabby either, with some pretty great chilaquiles (careful, though, we found that was all we needed for 2 people -- it's HUGE). I wouldn't say it's in my top ten or even 25 favorite spots, but it's comfortable and reliable and did I mention they have a make your own s'mores dessert?

Now her snotty ass little sister that lives five blocks away, that's another story. The Last Supper Club should be called the Last Time I Ever Eat Here Club. This place sucks. Really.

I think they were going for another Luna, except Italian instead of "California" or "Neo-American" or whatever we call the we-have-a-little-of-everything restaurants these days.

We went there right after it opened (and one of the hostesses happened to be someone we knew from Slanted Door). We had a reservation. We still waited 45 minutes for our table. They comped us several appetizers, which was cool. Except they sucked. Here's what was good: The fontina cheese and truffle oil fondue and the tuna tartare. Things that were basically Luna's dishes with a twist. The pastas were awful. The desserts were worse. The plating was a mess. There's a huge fucking fountain (that doesn't work) in the restaurant that makes getting anywhere past the bar a big pain in the ass.

I will say the service (once we were seated) was good.

So we figured, hey, what the hell, maybe it was a first week open fluke. Let's go back. Months later.

So we did. And it sucked again. And it's not getting my money again. And I'm not working out every friggin' morning to waste my calorie intake on shitty food.

What a disappointment.

We'll see, they may have a turnaround a la Luna but I'm not betting on it. If you ignore my advice and go anyway, you should stick to the drinks and the fondue. Don't say I didn't warn you. But if you want to support the owners, just go to Luna Park. You'll be much happier.


"To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art."
--La Rochefoucauld


Blogger Dennis said...

it's true about Luna Park.

my first experience with Luna Park was ok.

my friends and I -Linda, Tommy and Ming waited for 1.5 hours to get a seat. No comps.

but we did love the mojitos!!

and I remember the food was tasty.

After many claims that this a great place to eat, I brought Anna, girlfriend at the time, now fiancee to eat there.
- She hated. my beef dish was salty and her fish had some spices that were an odd couple.
we vowed not to go there again. I think I was too drunk to notice the taste of the food the first time I ate there.

- I do like the Luna Park's sister restaurant on Valencia and 21st? .. can't remember the name... it's italian


12/06/2004 9:16 AM  

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