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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Into the Deep (Deep Sushi -- San Francisco, CA)

***UPDATE: Deep's service SUCKS ASS.***

***PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: When I first tried Deep, I sat at the sushi bar. That's where you should sit. Repeat visits have proven that the table service kind of sucks. Slow and a little bit clueless. But the fish is still incredible so I'll keep going. I'll just sit at the sushi bar from now on.***

You'd think from the news that this heat wave we've got going on was the friggin' apocolypse. I'm from the east coast, and I, for one, miss those hot summer days. And although it was crazy hot in Thailand, I still spent the trip reminding myself how I'd always rather be sweating in the summer than freezing in the winter. I hate being cold. HATE IT. So I'm digging the summer lovin' we're getting now.

Nothing goes better with a hot day than sushi. Jon and his co-workers had hit Deep a few weeks back and he was dying to take me there. So off we went to outer Noe Valley (practically Glen Park) to a teeny little hole in the wall with cutesy hip decor. The menu looked extremely interesting, so we decided to go for some things we hadn't seen elsewhere. They had a pretty impressive wine and sake list as well, which I'll have to experience later as water was the only thing gracing my glass last night.

First we had the Romi Romi Salmon, which is on their starters menu. This was slices of raw salmon with spicy soy oil and tobiko. Man, I love soy oil so much. It's just mad tasty. And so was this dish; the salmon was incredibly fresh and not fishy at all -- just the way I like it. Yummy for my tummy.

Then we had a margarita roll. This was on the specials menu and had spicy hamachi, cucumber and lime and it was so good, it made me horny. Really. This might be the sexiest sushi roll I've ever had. The lime added a really nice depth to the whole thing.

Next from the specials board was the Marilyn Manson roll, which is a play on the Marilyn Monroe roll on their regular menu. This was a shrimp tempura roll with cucumber and avocado. Then there was spicy hotate (scallop) on top. Then the whole thing was drizzled with siracha and another spicy sauce. And you all know how much I love a little spicy goodness. This roll had a phenomenon like no other -- the tempura was still hot. I was so surprised by this, that I just about stood on my stool at the sushi bar and started a Hallelujah chorus. The whole thing was absolutely delicious.

By this point, I was pretty full. Jon kept going with a roll picked by the chef: salmon, shrimp tempura, scallions and a sauce I didn't take note of. He liked it, but felt it was more of the same. If I could have eaten more, I would have gone for the sunflower roll, that comes with a sweet little quail egg on top. And they had some gorgeous looking crab, making me desire a California roll (or better yet, their spicy Cali roll dubbed a "Baja Roll") for the first time since puberty. Everything was so fresh that it was practically still swimming. I'll definitely be back.

After dinner Jon and I took a nice little stroll to Deep's neighbors, for some sweet dairy love. Man, I dig summer in the city.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

under $ whore is now restaurant whore on crack.

in you price section you have made a big mistake. I have eaten there at least a dozen times with my wife. we are both pretty light eaters and not big drinkers. smallest check ever $72.00. that was no beer or sake. Average check arund $80.

9/09/2005 4:38 PM  
Blogger Joy said...

Hmmm, I'll reconsider this price range. I can see how it could creep up. I, however, have never come across a check that's more than $60 for two. Really.

Did you really need to try to prove yourself superior by being such an asshole about it, though? Especially considering you don't even have the cojones to post under an actual identity?

9/09/2005 4:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This friggin place rocks!~ It's all good in the hood!

2/27/2007 12:55 PM  

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